What I have done ? #

You can read below about what I have been working on and essentially experienced.

Kumbik.com | A Kumbhaka Project #

An ancient breathing practice called kumbhaka to be served as a digital application as Kumbik.com.

You can reach out basic information about kumbhaka technique beside you can have the kumbhaka practice online right now which can be configured for your breath.

Yogadark.com online yoga stüdyo #

I’ve merged my software development abilities with my online yoga course experiences which is started in the middle of 2023. Thus I have created an online yoga studio named yogadark.com. My online classes are turned into an individual organism named yogadark which is expanding itself day by day.

You can reach to my online yoga class details easily at yogadark web site and yogadark instagram account.

Yogakioo 300 TTC | 2023 January - 2023 February #

I have moved my yoga teaching skills to higher level which’s basis is grounded at 2 years ago with 280 TTC. This particular and deep journey bring me lots of things far beyond teacher skills I have achived. It has opened a deep area for me to discover the things already exist in myself. I am still going on to discover the things those have been put on the basis that I had. For me it was an experience that brings me awareness which is new to me.

Yogakioo 280 TTC | 2021 January – #

Yogakioo Teacher Training Course just shaked my world on its bases and enforced me to dive into the areas I can chalange and improve myself. I am going on to practice Yoga on my each daily life and I can feel its nature on each area of my life, which I am trying to blend Yoga doctrine with software development processes.

Modanisa | 2014 August – #

Modanisa is a e-commerce company that I’m currently working for and that is growing up day by day. I have technical responsibilities regarding processes such as purchasing, supplying, saling, paying, stocking and returning. Tuning into modern technologies, novation on project management processes, fail fast mind set and learning fast experiences are exciting me much.

Mogin | 2013 Haziran - 2014 Ağustos #

Mogin team is created in 2013 by experienced people to serve speacial projects for various sectors about to collect mobile data and reporting it. Team has worked with a few big companies about mostly logistic and promotor sales automation demands and then they has suspended their work because of absence of financial support. Some projects belong to team are still being used. I was the one of three founders of Mogin team that could not became a company. Nowadays mogin.net domain is owned by someone else which is serving on technology as well that makes me happy.

Saha Ajans İş Takip | 2013 – #

This project is a Mogin product specialized with agency company named Saha. Project contains local processes such as task tracing and management demanding on department and user permissions.

TEB Dağıtım | 2013 – #

This project is a Mogin product specialized with Turkish Bank named TEB. Project contains delivering particular products generally named as POP such as sticker and brochure via mobile devices and reporting data collected online.

Vestel Promotör | 2013 – #

This project is a Mogin product specialized with Turkish technology company named Vestel. Project contains recording promotor sales and reporting them online.

Exper Promotör | 2013 – #

This project is a Mogin product specialized with technology company named Exper Turkey. Project contains recording promotor sales, reporting them and verifying data by supervisor users.

Mobilgi | 2010 Ocak - 2013 Haziran #

I’ve worked for more than 3 years as senior software developer. Mobilgi is a company that leases its automation systems depended on several sectors like merchandising, logistics and pharmacy. Whole systems have a common principle and that is to collect data from mobile and report collected data on web. I had many responsibilities such as synchronizing the server with mobile devices using a specialized protocol library written with Perl, reporting collected data on web, integrating data to outer environments, developing and coding new web interfaces. I have completely worked on whole processes of projects that I had responsibility such as database optimization (MySQL), code structure, coding, technical meetings and so on. Only I had not certain responsibility was the mobile coding of projects. I’ve brought in new automation projects depending on logistics. Logistic automation system that I’ve developed is still being used for several logistic companies. System contains delivering specialized products such as credit card, invitation card, sticker, magazine via mobile devices with addressed and unaddressed delivery methods, reporting delivery records on web including GPS, image and specialized data to verify data. Besides I had synchronize data between Mobilgi’s server and outer servers with tools that I’ve coded with Perl and web services based on SOAP and Rest.