About #

I have start over my last about page such as #

I was born in 1985. I was child that is the naughty one of its family. On my college years I was a boarding student in a close college to my parent’s home and I was little bit shy but also satisfied. I went to a university which is in another city that is more far from my parents. I graduated from engineering faculty with my own carefreeness. Yes I was a little bit lucky.

When I am involved to replatform my page now I can see that enlightening messages have been popup itself even years ago when I was typing these lines.

The water has been flowed and have found its path. Goods and bads have been accepted as they are. I was aware of my path to find peace without pushing or pulling stuff whatever is happening around.

Technical stuff #

After my attempts to define myself I have been found myself over the message I actually wanted to give about my experience about software.

I have told about the journeys I have dived into having outputs of meeting several technologies like PHP, Python, Java which can be defined as still popular and like Perl which we can define as more old fashion.

When I read the lines about I summarise how I meet with open source world, I can realise clearly how much I was committed to that world. Not a good or bad one to comment on. Even I am still committed to open source world now, the scope of commitment has been changed on my mind which is a topic we can follow up later on.

Macromedia Flash 5.0 was so popular when I met with web designing (yes, I am that old). I’ve met with programming with PHP and MySQL. When I go deeper inside of programming I was so fascinated with open source mind. I’ve supported Unix and various Linux distributions as much as I can. I started to work for a job in Istanbul after university and I became a professional on programming in 2010 which was just an hobby for me before. I’ve coded Perl for 3 and half years at that job. Besides I wanted to keep myself close to PHP and I’ve dived into framework mind with Codeigniter. I was excited and I’ve looked for new frameworks for a while. Even though I’ve met with DJango which is written with Python I didn’t give point to it much because of my demand about to be free on design. I’ve worked on various automation systems those are intented for various sectors through the company I’ve worked for. Those automation systems were mostly intented for data mining and reporting.

Then I have written the lines those were creating the technical base of my enterprise attempt named Mogin (not active).

Android environment that I’ve met first on my first job excited me a lot. Then I was inside of Java world. Even though I did not write Java for a long time Maven framework and PrimeFaces components told me about Java things apart from Android. Also it triggered me to search about similar frameworks for PHP then I met with Symfony and Laravel.

A message coming from the past #

After all these technical details the message I was giving is still enligthening at the moment.

I’ve understood over time it’s so important not to be insistant about language choice. I should not be fixed to one single language on various cases. It is more important to choose right language on specific cases. Also beside whatever sector you write code for, software development is not important as to be bigest part of pie. Thus, as trying to think as an end user, rather than language that I’am coding I prefer to focus on what I’m coding for. Are people those support project trustable or not ? What is the gain of end product ? Otherwise coding that we attach importance to is just a part of project. That’s the reality.

Nowadays ! #

It would be a lie if I say I can follow most updated technologies as much as I can. I realised that development is just a process that will take some amount of energy which should be handled after all product stuff is clear. One way or another it can be fulfilled. The point is to fire a sensable, valuable, well planned with the mind those are not written on the stone, and well concretized process just before development process that will not break upcoming process.

Thus, I spent my energy to understand some methodologies like Lean Canvas and processes such as Event Storming which is included in lean canvas process as well. Meanwhile as a yoga instructor; I can say these areas pointing management of project include the ancient doctrine of yoga, and these kind of methodologies are coming from the common consciousness to solve the common problems. That is a topic I can write down about more later on.

Besides, Continous Development, Continuous Delivery concepts those have holistic approach to project management and ATTD development methodology that is focused on gaining value based on end user; are the most excited areas for me to get dived into.

I feel I will have lots of things to write down about in the future.

Then Aum ! #

When the life was going on that quick and the messages those I could realise and I could not were being manifested on me by life itself, one day, it has come. Aum !

New beginning has happened after about 34 years that I was lost in expectations created by my quest of something I was supposed I can find it somewhere outside. Something happened I could never explain to myself and even I am struggling on writing about. And it has happened without any push or pull, just happened suddenly without any force by itself.

The state of the infinate source manifest has occured. The voice of creation Aum !

First A #

The initiator energy of the creation that visited each of us billions of time directed me to a new path. I was ready and I was where and when I supposed to be. As we are all at the moment of time.

Since I am aware of myself I can say that I am in a mindset of who likes activity, and who is almost naive, and who avoids violence. Also I am little bit experienced on some sports including some martial arts. I started to discover the source of requirement based on the activity and nonviolence with the help of the beginning that I can not explain exactly.

Although my physical disabilities are so limited to consider, I realised I was not able to carry the activities I was doing for fitness to a sustainable area just because of my mental disabilities.

Then I asked a question with the awareness of my mental disability. What was the source of it ? Then system directed me to a path in order to find out beyond of it. Yoga has just started.

Then U #

The sustainer energy of the same source made me carry myself on to mat each day. I was there with all what I have. However yoga is way more than a sport branch and also my initial purpose was sporting anymore.

System did what it always does best by joining moments together one by one and I have found my self at Yoga Teacher Training Cource. My purpose was not changed, being a yoga teacher was not one of my plans. However system behaved regarding to my needs rather than what I desire which is populated by my limited experience, thus it moved me to this mysterious area.

While I was looking for answers to my mental disability problems; the path I was moved into, buried those problems in the past without my notice, those problems made me aware of my disabilities once. One day they were gone, and I was totaly on a different way.

The path was going on itself. And it was beautiful. And it is so.

M At Last #

The destroyer energy of the infinate source.

Each thing that has an end, ends one day. Our happinesses, our sufferings, our cries, our laughs do end. Because they all have an end. The physical area we are living on is dependent to duality. If there is happiness, there must be pain in return. Pain is inevitable in this life which is supposed as a bad thing. The pain is the cure as much as the happiness it has as a return. The pain is our need as well. And the system does not care about how you experience the pain, if you need it, you will get it.

Thus, the ending of something is valuable as much as its beginning. I have experienced several endings on my ongoing process by giving them ends in purpose. Again, without any force, no push, no pull, by admiting the happening as how it is happening, with mistakes and merits of itself, to be able to give end by having the same excitement you had in the beginning is a great virtue.

Then, it for all of you from Seda Bağcan. Miracle. #

Take care.