Satsang #3. Kharma & Dharma

February 2, 2024
Yoga, Satsang
yoga, satsang, kharma, dharma

I’ve just had a satsang session today titled as Kharma & Dharma at Yogakioo Ataşehir where I give yoga classes as well. I wish this session would give a start to new similar activities for this warm place which is newly opened. Topics of my satsang talk can be listed as follows. New look to yoga with Kharma & Dharma perspective Why Yoga? What differs yoga from some sports such as fitness? ...

Feel the life itself

March 12, 2022
yoga, life, handstand, press

Incubation process # Just exactly like such a caterpillar’s incubation process to become a butterfly, all things happening on our lifes have such inclubation processes. Without defining them as good or bad, each thing comes to the end of that process gets happen. And they make us feel itself on that happening process. If we are ready it will come # We get ready then the moment happens. By that particular moment gets happened, system pulls us out of our limited area that we are used to since now, then it pushes us to a larger area that we have millions of oppurtunities to experience. ...

Knowledge is heavy

April 16, 2021
yoga, knowledge, originality

Was heavy # In a short periord of time earlier I have decided to do something I have not done for a long time. Writing, posting, sharing.. Whereas I used to have this feeling once. It is not the matter whatever it is I was excited to share what I have in my hands. I was so excited to share the knowledge free. Overtime the knowledge has come heavy I guess, I could not cope with. ...