I can only tell you whatever I am not #

I am currently on a mood such as. I can type for you lots of pages about what I am not. But don’t worry I will not hence it does not mean anything for you : )

Anyway you are dealing more about what I am rather than I am not if you are reading these lines. Thus I will be going forward to define myself a bit just for you.

Even I will try my best we will not be able to complete these defining process on this particular introduction page. I can not define myself for you in a snap. If I try it will not have an end. Thus, you can catch things about this process on other pages of my web page. Because self awareness is a way that has no ending.

It would be better to type about the ongoing things at the moment on this introduction page. However main purpose of the contents I will share on this page will be mostly about the mystery of the moment we are at.

I am stuck now. I have redesigned my web page which I am not satisfied for years regarding to the desing and the content it was having. However I am struggling to create content now.

How the home page should include ? What content I should write down on about page ? There has been many years since I did not edit my page’s content. Thus, I have no trace recorded what have been gone through valuable over years to mention here.

Even they are not recorded they have absolutely have mental traces those I can follow to mention to you as much as I can. They will popup thierself over time while I am digging. Thus, this replatforming of my page will be a ongoing process rather than a job that has definite end. Good part is you will be able to get updated contents. I will spare time to write as much as I can like years ago.

On the other hand let me introduce myself for ones who does not have any clue about me; I am a passanger who worked on software development for long years and trying to enhance my experience to a new level of awareness over technical stuff with the help of the course that I am involved about Yoga Teacher Training Course. And brilliant thing is this path itself.

This expression that will take a part on my introduction page for a while has an ending here which will trigger new beginnings. If you did not take it serious and looking for a common about page please click.