Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes #

I am a high level yoga teacher graduated from Yogakioo at 580 RYT level.

I prepare yoga classes for each level of practice. Also it can be Turkish or English regarding student’s requirement.

I shared detail information about classes in the further part of this page. If you are interested please contact me via platforms listed just below.

You can check the calendar below and you can read the details of active classes and events on this page. You can diretly reach to me if you need to create one to one class.

samk0n Shanga

Calendar #

You can look into my current weekly classes on the calendar below.

These lessons can be changed instantly.

Who is it for ? #

It does not matter that you are beginner or you are an experienced with Yoga practice. Even you can have an advenced yoga practice. No one is ehead or behind of any other. Only thing is that each one has individual needs.

Life provides us the area which we can get the experience we need. The excitement or congestion that the life provides regarding our needs exactly refrects to the mat when we are practicing yoga. We are stuck on mat where we are stuck in life. We dicipline our body by experiencing the congestion on mat. Thus we can release ourself from that stuck area by intense practices and finally we reach an open area. The corresponding area in our daily life gets exactly reflected and gets healed.

Thus, forcing the areas in stuck with sufficient and systematic effort is the key to improve practice. However it is not an easy thing to determine this need and provide required dicipline. Studying with an expert yoga trainer makes the process easier.

Beside asana practices; speechs about yoga philosophy and energy practices remind that yoga practice is not a thing that can be happen only on the mat. Those remind Yoga is an ancient doctrine that should expand into entire life.

Live classes #

Required to students needs we are scheduling the weekly program together. The current types of live classes are given below.

  • Weekly live class with max 4 students
  • Weekly one to one live class

I am giving classes at my home studio which is at location İstanbul Asian side Maltepe. Or any contracted yoga studio would be accepted.

Online Classes #

Required to students needs we are scheduling the weekly program together. The current types of online classes are given below.

  • Weekly online class with max 4 students
  • Weekly one to one online class


I prefer discord platform on my online classes. Discord has some advantages listed below considering to popular zoom platform.

  • You do not have to follow links for each time you join.
  • Platform provides a continous environment to be in contact. Other platforms connectivity ends with closing the link.
  • You can share anything by typing on any text channel. And it will not be deleted unless you want to delete.
  • Text and voice channels are customizable related to person or group and they are 7/24 online.

Considering to the technical ability of the participants and not to fight with the user habits I usually use google meet platform instead. If you want to meet with discord platform anyway, you can find detail info below.

How to join Discord ? #

You can see the current state of our discord server. You can download discord by clicking Join and you can join the server.

You need to download the app only once. Unless you delete the app on your machine you can open and join whenever you want.

Platform is completely free. Please ignore the step onces if discord asks for any card to boost the server.

You just downloaded the app via link, however you do not see some channels like #sohbet, #kaynak on the left sidebar; Just on this state please click the link once again after your download gets completed. Bağlantıya tıklayarak uygulamayı indirdiniz ancak sol menü de #sohbet, #kaynak ve biraz aşağısında asana gibi kanalları göremiyorsanız; Uygulamayı yüklemiş durumdayken ilgili bağlantıya tekrar tıklayınız.

You can reach all typed writings by clicking the channels beginning with # under INFO category and you can type and share to the entire community.

You can see other people instantly who has already joined the voice channel under SPACE category and you can join them by one single click.

If you have any technical problem please do not hesitate to contact with me.

Free workshop #

Sometimes I plan some free workshops as well.

I announce workshops on my social media accounts, discord and whatsapp as well.